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Sale of the Duke of Leeds Estate in the West Riding of Yorkshire

Particulars, Plans and Conditions of Sale of the Valuable Freehold Agricultural Properties , Forming Part of the Kiveton Park Estate, Comprising of 21 Highly Valuable Farms, 8 Small Holdings, 2 Residences, Accommodation Land, Woodland, and a Lime Stone Quarry

In and Near the Villages of THORPE SALVIN, ANSTON, TODWICK, KIVETON PARK, HARTHILL, WALES and WOODALL, the whole covering an Area of about 5,019 Acres

For Sale by Auction in 61 Lots (unless previously disposed of privately) at the Royal Victoria Station Hotel, Great Central Railway, Sheffield on Tuesday, 23rd August, 1921.


(Please Note: The links to the plans are at the foot of the table)

Lot Description Lot Description
1 Grange Farm, Woodsetts 30 Kiveton Farm, South Anston
2 Arable and Pasture Land, Woodsetts 31 A Valuable Grass Field, Kiveton Park
3 Arable Land, Woodsetts 32 An Arable Enclosure, (Suitable for Building), Wales
4 Wood Mill Piece Farm, South Anston 33 Accommodation Arable Land, Kiveton Park
5 An Arable Enclosure, Lindrick Common 33A Red Hill Plantation, Kiveton Park
6 Anston Stones Wood, South Anston 34 An Enclosure of Arable Land, South Anston
7 Rackford Farm, North Anston 35 An Arable Field (Fronting Road), South Anston
8 Arable and Pasture Land, North Anston 36 Arable and Pasture Fields, South Anston
9 An Agricultural Holding, South Anston/Thorpe Salvin 37 A Doctor's Residence and Land, South Anston
10 Three Arable Enclosures, South Anston 38 A Compact Small Holding, North Anston
11 A Small Holding, Thorpe Salvin 39 The Convenient Sized Holding, North Anston
12 A Capital Small Holding, Thorpe Salvin 40 Manor Farm, Todwick
12A Old Spring Wood, Thorpe Salvin and South Anston 41 A Capital Small Holding, Todwick
13 An Agricultural Holding, Thorpe Salvin 42 Compact Agricultural Holding, Todwick
14 A Small Holding, Thorpe Salvin 43 Accommodation Arable Land, Todwick
15 A Small Holding, Thorpe Salvin 44 Todwick Common Farm, Todwick and Anston
16 Manor Farm, Harthill 45 Pasture and Arable Land, Todwick
17 Mixed Agricultural Holding, Harthill 46 A Country Residence and Land, Todwick
18 A Captial Small Holding, Harthill 47 A Capital Small Holding, Todwick
19 A Convenient Sized Farm, Harthill 48 Arable and Pasture Land, Todwick
20 A Valuable Paddock, Firvale 49 Low Farm, Wales
21 Cuthbright Wood, Harthill 50 An Accommodation Arable Land, Wales
22 Loscar Wood, Thorpe Salvin 51 A Compact and Well Situated Farm, Wales
23 North Farm, Harthill 52 A Croft and Farm Buildings, Wales (Building Land)
24 An Accommodation Pasture Field, Harthill 53 A Valuable and Productive Farm, Woodall
25 An Accommodation Pasture Field, Kiveton Park 54 Top Farm, Woodall
25A Peck Mill Farm, Thorpe Salvin 55 Valuable Woodland known as Nor Wood, Woodall
26 Accommodation Land, Kiveton Park 56 A Convenient Sized Farm, Woodall
27 A Limestone Quarry, Kiveton Park 57 Woodall Farm, Woodall
28 A Paddock, Kiveton Park 58 Woodall and Killamarsh Ponds and Woodland
29 An Agricultural Holding, South Anston  

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